BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept rendered image

A new rendering with the BMW M4 has recently hit the web and it is hinting towards a lightweight version of the model.

BMW fans are still waiting for a true CSL version of the new M3 or M4 but it seems that the German based automaker is not planning such a model, for the moment at least. Even so, thanks to rendering artists, we can now have a glimpse of how the future model may look like, thanks to the image posted above, which is a virtual interpretation of the so-called BMW M4 CSL Vision Concept.

If it will make it into production, than the new BMW M4 CSL is believed to weigh about 170 kg less than the regular version of the model thanks to the use of carbon fiber and aluminum components, which will be translated into better performance. The vehicle in question will also gain a sportier suspension system and the interior design will be stripped out and fitted with lightweight racing seats. New alloy wheels are also said to be offered to this performance coupe, along with some possible tweaks made to the engine. More details on the model are limited for the moment.

Image Source: RC82 Workshop (FB)