BMW M4 name confirmed image

The German based automaker BMW has recently confirmed the M4 name which will be used on the new generation of the M3 Coupe and M3 Convertible.

With the brand new 3-Series Coupe being rebadged as the 4-Series Coupe and the 3-Series Convertible which will go on sale as the 4-Series Convertible, the German based automaker has also confirmed the official name of the high performance version of the new M3 Coupe and M3 Convertible, which will hit the market as the M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible. This means that the new M3 will only be offered as a sedan while the M4 will get two body styles, Coupe and Convertible, with the drop-top making its way onto the market later on.

Rumors are saying that the 4.0 liter V8 engine will no longer be available under the hood of the new M3 and M4 generations and, instead, a high performance version of the inline six-cylinder unit will make its way onto the models. This engine will come with a 3.2 liter displacement and it will be influenced by the 4.0 liter V8. The unit will produce a total output of 444 HP, but with the Performance Package, this should increase up to 473 HP, which will allow the M3 / M4 to reach a top speed of 300 km/h. Additional details on the M3 and M4 models are limited for the moment.

Source: Car and Driver