BMW M4 testing prototype camouflaged as MotoGP safety car image

Our spy photographers have caught a very interesting BMW M4, which is undergoing testing on German roads. The camouflage applied on the front bumper and the rather large wing at the back caught their attention instantly.

Just reading the decals on the white prototype caught on the streets you might have allowed the model to slip away unnoticed, as German sports car are a common sight when it comes to Safety Cars for various motorsport competitions.

But underneath the camouflage with an eye-popping pattern we can see some serious changes made by the BMW engineers and designers. So, up front there’s a new lip added for aerodynamic prowess and the wing at the back implies serious power. A Safety Car does not require that level of aerodynamic changes, even if we’re talking here about one taking care of MotoGP duties.

These changes were sported back in the day by the BMW E92 M3 GTS, which had them added on top of the regular setup. It had a rear wing, additional aerodynamic tweaks, Recaro seats up front and the ones in the back removed for shedding some weight. While the spied prototype didn’t seem to give up its rear seats, the hints that BMW is readying the M4 GTS are there – with the new version also lighter and having more oomph under the hood.