BMW M4 with M Performance parts is a good present for the DTM champion image

MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has just received a BMW M2 Coupe for his title win, but already the German company has gone forward with a present for another champion.

This time around the perks are even nicer since the champion is actually a factory works driver. Marco Wittmann doesn’t fall into the Octavia or Astra company car category – because after all he is the DTM title holder – for the second time after his 2014 win. He was gifted by his employer an M4 in a brilliant Java Green color and looking for “greater motor racing feeling,” the high-performance coupe has also been reworked with some nice M Performance accessories.


The differences from a regular M4 include design tweaks such as glossy black front grille slats, side panel attachments, as well as a carbon fiber rework for the rear diffuser and spoiler. The interior has also gained LED-illuminated door sills, a carbon trim for the gear selector, and new pedal pads. These look like sensible upgrades given that BMW’s M Performance catalog now includes over 1,300 parts after the addition of the new 5 Series to the roster. By the way, to signal Wittmann’s DTM win, BMW has also decided to monetize the success with an M4 DTM Champion Edition that will be declined in 200 units – starting at €148,500 at home in Germany.