The German based automaker BMW has recently announced, through the voice of the head of product development at M GmbH, Albert Biermann, that the new M5 won’t get the all-wheel drive technology as well as a Touring variant, which apparently isn’t selling as well as the sedan.

According to, the BMW M5 won’t get the all-wheel drive technology yet, but this doesn’t mean that future generations of the powerful sedan won’t be able to speed all the wheels at once. In Albert Biermann’s vision, the all-wheel drive comes in pretty handy in putting down impressive amount of torque but the company’s official doesn’t think that the M5 is so powerful yet.

“There might come a point with torque where you need all wheel drive”, said the head of product development at BMW M GmbH, Albert Biermann.

The BMW official has also talked about the Touring variant which apparently isn’t so popular and the German automaker managed to sell only 1.056 units of it worldwide, which means we won’t see a Touring on the F10 M5. Besides the wagon not making its way onto the M5, it seems the version won’t arrive on the future M3 either, because they aren’t compelling enough for most buyers.

Albert Biermann also told that we might expect an electric M, but that version will come in several years.


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