BMW M5 Touring hanging above a highway in Switzerland image

A BMW M5 Touring from the previous generation has been recently crashed in Switzerland, after its driver pushed the gas pedal too hard and eventually stopped his ride 20 feet above a highway.

Powerful vehicles will get you killed if you’re young and inexperienced but if you are like the kid in this news, well, you’re better on riding in the back of the city bus. According to the guys at, the 25-year-old driver was taking his BMW M5 Touring for a spin and after he turned left on the road to Berne Bremgarten, the pushed the gas pedal too hard and the car’s rear end suddenly developed a mind of its own because of the obvious rear-wheel drive.

Fortunately the kid stopped his ride about 1 inch before diving off into the unknown, 20 feet in the air above the A1 highway. Witnesses are saying that the two occupants managed to climb back and exit the vehicle and other people helped them to secure the car before the police arrived. The 25-year-old drive had apparently taken an over-dose of the “brave pill”. Here’s a tip, kid, next time you want to drift, do it in a parking lot!