BMW M5 X-Drive very possible image

Talking at the new F10 M5’s press launch in Spain project leader, Max Ahme did not confirm the approval of a AWD M5 already but he said that is very possible.

“We are thinking about it”, said Ahme. “If you are increasing power more and more, maybe you need it.” He does admit though that this solution does come with certain disadvantages.

What type of AWD system BMW will use? Ahme mentions that the company has already studied the Ferrari FF’s lightweight AWD solution, but will more likely use a traditional AWD system.

On the same time, M Division Product Management Chief Jorg Herrmann said that BMW M is looking at whatever means it needs to get the job done, regardless of tradition.

“If technology changes over time the character of this model had to be changed and evolve,” he said.

The new M5 is bigger than ever before, putting on 55 millimeters in length and 46 millimeters in width over its direct predecessor.

While the engine is technically taken from the X5/X6 M engine bay, its dual twin-scroll turbocharged unit has been significantly adapted for this application. BMW claims all 500 lb-ft of torque is available from a mere 1500 rpm all the way to 5750 rpm, with redline coming in at 7200.