BMW M54 engine by G-Power image

G-Power BMW M54 – 306 hp und 360 Nm for the BMW 330i E46 and BMW Z4 3.0i.

The “NG” in the name of the G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger system is standing for “next generation” and it indicates that the G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system features a complete reworked ASA T3-12 supercharger from the year 2009 on. Thanks to a redesigned supercharger transmission with improved tooth flanks and a modified shaft sealing, the originally for 0, 3 bar rel. boost designed ASA T3-12 supercharger is now capable of 0, 4 bar rel.

With the G-POWER supercharger system the 231 hp strong “old” 3.0l 6-cylinder M54 engine achieves the same output figures as the current bi-turbo engine, exactly 306 hp. Accordingly the performance figures improve likewise, so that the older version of the BMW 3 series and Z4 for are actually quicker than the current models due to there better power-to-weight ratio.

The G-POWER SK Plus supercharger system for BMW 330i E46 and Z4 3.0i is delivered with TÜV certification (which makes it street legal in Germany). G-POWER supercharged engines feature the unrestricted everyday practicability of the factory engine, combined with an improved specific consumption and the BMW-typical reliability.




  • darren

    can i do this with a 330ci convertible (2000) here in australia and can you recommend anyone in australia who could do it ?