BMW M550d coming in 2012 with 381 HP image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to release a powerful diesel version of its new 5-Series generation which will probably be named the M550d and its engine will develop 381 horsepower.

If Mercedes-Benz has its luxurious S-Class to test the newest technology, BMW has chosen the 5-Series to do the same thing instead of the larger 7-Series and the model is expected to be powered by a large tri-turbo six-cylinder diesel engine, the same one which was originally planned for the X3 M at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

According to, BMW will debut the new powerplant onto the M550d, which will make it in the automaker’s lineup as a range topper. The BMW M550d’s tri-turbo flat-six engine is expected to develop a total output of 381 horsepower and it will have a peak torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft). The impressive torque figure will make the M550d an interesting choice to the alternative 550i and its 407 horsepower.

Rumors say that the M550d will be offered in both F10 sedan and in the F11 estate configurations and the new model is expected to debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The same engine might eventually make its way under the X5 M’s hood.