BMW M6 by Lumma Design revealed image

The aftermarket specialists at Lumma Design have revealed an upgrade package for the new BMW M6 Coupe.

Even if the BMW M6 Coupe is so new that the paint on its body isn’t dry yet, that didn’t stop the tuners at Lumma Design to present an upgrade package for the powerful German vehicle.

According to Lumma Design, the BMW M6 Coupe is coming with an aggressive exterior design, highlighted by large air intakes, a carbon fiber engine hood with large holes to feed the intake with air, extended wheel arches, revised side skirts, a rear diffuser and a large wing fitted onto the trunk.

The exterior design is completed by a fresh set of 21-inch rims, wrapped in sport tires, and let’s not forget the double exhaust pipes. The cabin of the BMW M6 hasn’t been left aside either by the Lumma Design team and the model is getting a lot of carbon fiber insertions contrasted by Alcantara upholstery available in a lot of shades.

The guys at Lumma Design didn’t say anything about a possible power boost applied to the BMW M6 Coupe so our guess is that the German vehicle is coming with the same engine in standard configuration.

The tuner will start taking orders for the upgrade package later this year.