BMW M6 GT3 teased image

The German based automaker BMW has just released two teaser sketches with the M6 GT3, which will be making its racing debut in the 2016 season.

BMW’s newest creation is named the M6 GT3 and it is basically a racing car which will be acting as a replacement for the Z4 GT3. The current racer will be retired at the end of 2015 and it will be replaced by the new one starting with the 2016 season.

“For me, as BMW Motorsport Director, there are few things more exciting than the development of a completely new car like the BMW M6 GT3. This car’s properties make it predestined to succeed the BMW Z4 GT3. The BMW Z4 GT3 has enjoyed success around the world in recent years, and is very popular among our customers”, said the BMW Motorsport director, Jens Marquardt.

The brand new BMW M6 GT3 will be offered with chassis optimizations in order to meet the racetrack demands, racing-spec gearbox, electronics and ABS and it will be taking its power from the same 4.4 liter V8 engine from the road-going version. However, this will be modified and it will be producing way more than the current 560 HP and 680 Nm of torque. More details on the racer are limited for the moment.