BMW M8 GTE racer to grace 2018 FIA WEC image

The Bavarian automaker is pulling all its weight across every possible dimension to make sure its upcoming reborn 8 Series moniker will remain something to remember for the ages.

Already reviewed by a spectacular concept, the 8 Series in road-going form will arrive next year – with a possible worldwide public preview at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It’s going to be joined very soon – if not from day one – by the M8 version, as the two are being jointly developed side by side. But wait, there’s even more – because motorsport fans will also be greeted by the M8 GTE race car set to partake into FIA’s WEC series. BMW Motorsports director Jens Marquardt said not long ago “the BMW M8 GTE will look spectacular” – and the first official sketch showcased on the Facebook social media account stands confirmation.

But the stylized drawing isn’t full of details – we have short overhangs and huge air intakes in the front bumper, side skirts and the aero package is complete by the ubiquitous massive fixed rear wing. “The 2017 FIA WEC is in full swing, but we are already gearing up for next season. Here’s an appetizer for our all-new BMW M8 GTE. More to come soon,” claims BMW Motorsport. They are going to field the M8 GTE in cooperation with former DTM squad MTEK, with the expected debut on track featured for the Daytona 24 Hours in January 2018.

Via BMW on Facebook