BMW might develop the Z4M image

The German based automaker BMW might develop a powerful version of the Z4 under the Z4M name but the decision is not yet official because the manufacturer has to deal with the economic crisis first.

According to the, the Z4M might catch the production line and one thing is for sure: the head of product development Albert Biermann definitely wants it.

“There are days when it hurts not to have one, but there was no compelling business case at the time when the decision was taken. We are trying to make a case but there are so many factors to consider”, as Albert Biermann told

A customer racecar based on the roadster might be introduced into the United States under the Z4 GTS name but the vehicle might fail into gaining new customers because it lacks a road-going equivalent. Meanwhile, the automaker is still focusing on developing the X6 M and X6 M.

“There is no strong competition and they’ve made good money, even during the economic crisis. The torsional rigidity of today’s X5 is 28.000 Nm/degree, while the old E30 M3 measured 23.000, so it’s a good base for an M car”, added the head of product development, Albert Biermann.