An M Performance version of the new BMW X4 might make its way onto the market, shortly after the regular crossover will make its public debut, next year.

BMW is planning to produce an X4 M Performance but the official announcement hasn’t been made yet. However, the model in question is believed to make its way onto the market shortly after the regular version will be officially unveiled. According to the guys at, such a version of the new X4 has been hinted by Phil Horton, the company’s Australian Managing Director. This may sound as good news for those of you waiting for the model but this will probably be the top of the line version because the company isn’t planning a full fledged M version.

The final production version of the BMW X4 will be officially presented to the public on the 14th of March, 2014. The model in question will be a smaller version of the X6 and it will be based on the X3. The crossover will debut with just a few engines which are believed to come with three, four and six cylinders, probably equipping the 20d, 28i and the 35d and 35i. The BMW X4 will be produced in Spartanburg, along with the X3.


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