BMW might plan RWD 2-Series Gran Coupe image

The BMW 2-Series lineup is believed to gain a new addition in the shape of a 2-Series Gran Coupe, coming with rear-wheel drive.

The German based automaker BMW is said to plan another rear-wheel 2-Series which will be coming as a Gran Coupe. The announcement hasn’t been made official at this time and it is actually part of a report which is signed by the model in question is expected to arrive as early as mid-2018, so chances are we will get a facelifted version of the current Coupe and Cabrio by then and the Gran Coupe will be based on them.

The report is also indicating that this vehicle will be positioned as a more upscale and sportier model than the 1-Series Sedan and if you have no clue on what this will be looking like, imagine a 2-Series Coupe with two extra doors and a sloping roofline. The direct competitor of such a model will be the Mercedes-Benz CLA but let’s not forget that this is being offered with front-wheel or all-wheel drive, just like its “brothers”, the A-Class and the GLA. Audi is currently offering a similar model too, in the shape of the A3 Sedan, but since the CLA and the 2-Series Gran Coupe will go head to head, chances are this model will eventually give birth to an A3 Coupe or something similar. Additional details on the topic remain unknown at this time.