BMW Motorrad and Dainese plan to develop a rider suit which will be fitted with airbags.

Inspired from the Dainese’s D-air Protect System, which is manufactured of inflatable protectors which can deploy in 15 milliseconds, the two companies plan to use this technology and integrate it into a BMW Motorrad product, a one-piece racing suit, dubbed the DoubleR RaceAir. In the near future, Beemer riders will also be offered a street-oriented airbag system to be retrofitted to bikes.

Once all the crash testing will be completed, the DoubleR RaceAir is expected to be unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show, which will be held this November in Milan. Besides the new racing suit project, BMW and Dainese have signed a long-term cooperation deal which includes the development of more safety gear.

The next product is expected to be the Dainese D-Air Street System, which is to be launched in 2015, offering BMW Motorrad customers the possibility to fir their motorcycles with an innovative safety system.

BMW Motorrad is known as the only motorcycle manufacturer that has managed to develop the complete lineup of rider equipment beginning in the 1970s, focusing on providing maximum comfort and minimizing the effects of a possible accident.



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