BMW Museum in Munich Presents Rolls-Royce Exhibit image

Rolls-Royce exhibit will open at the BMW Museum in Munich, to highlight the British luxury automaker’s resurgence and to honor founder Sir Henry Royce’s 150th birthday.

The Rolls-Royce exhibit covers more than 1000 m2, spreads over five floors and tells the automaker’s story in incredible detail, beginning with 1904 when Sir Henry Royce and the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls, the company’s founders, met for the first time, until the present day. The exhibition presents some of the most famous Rolls-Royce models produced through the company’s 105 years.

One of the presented models is the 1926 Rolls-Royce 10EX, a vehicle which was developed to demonstrate the automakers chassis and engine technology, and which Sir Henry Royce engineered and drove himself. The exhibit is also aimed at presenting Rolls-Royce’s coachbuilding, bespoke design and craftsmanship, which has made the brand famous over its lifetime.

“This outstanding and historic exhibition proudly celebrates the tenth anniversary of the renaissance of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars under BMW Group ownership. Our contemporary motor cars present a unique blend of German expertise and technology and outstanding British craftsmanship and design,” said Rolls-Royce’s CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös.