BMW No Plans to Build Mini Vehicles in China image

BMW has no plans of manufacturing Mini vehicles in China in the near future.

The official statement comes as an answer to the recent rumors, according to which the German automaker planned to build the new generation of Minis at Brilliance BMW’s plant, located in Liaoning’s capital of Shenyang. A recent post on Mini’s official Weibo acknowledges the attention given to the automaker’s plans to build vehicles in China.

“We apologize to everyone who has been waiting, but Mini currently has plans for Chinese production,” the post continues, adding that there are no plans at the moment to apply for the relevant licenses needed to manufacture vehicles in the country.

In April, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that Brilliance BMW has officially started the third-phase expansion of its Shenyang plant, which will have a total annual production capacity of 400,000 units in 2017, when the expansion project will be completed. Besides the BMW 3 Series and X1 which are already manufactured there, the plant will also build the German automaker’s new SUV and EV models in the near future. In April BMW sold 2,038 Minis in China, compared with 5,786 units sold in the US during the same month.