BMW October Sales Narrow Mercedes’ Lead image

BMW’s October sales were up 21% approaching Mercedes-Benz, the leader in luxury-auto deliveries this year.

In October BMW’s sales reached 26, 451 vehicles, due to a 26% increase of its 3-Series. Mercedes reported sales up 5.9% in October to 23,978 units, helped by an increase in sales for the updated versions of the C-Class small sedan. This means that Mercedes’ lead was narrowed to 2,748 vehicles, from 5,221 at the end of September.

Both BMW and Mercedes managed to outsell Lexus last year, which was hit by vehicle shortages after the natural disasters hit Japan. Lexus was the top-selling luxury brand in the U.S. for more than a decade. Mercedes’ sales increased 12% to 215,596 units through October, while BMW saw its sales rise 6.7% to 212,848 units. Last year BMW surpassed Mercedes with 2,715 vehicles.

“What is going to be interesting is what will happen for the rest of the year,” Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence at, said in an interview. “The areas impacted by the hurricane are significant selling regions for the luxury-auto makers.”

Analysts estimate that Hurricane Sandy caused a 25% loss in the US luxury vehicle sales, which will be low for the first half of October too. Sales will boost in December as customers will replace the vehicles damaged by the storm.