While any customer owning a BMW might not be the track pro he desires, that doesn’t mean that his experiences shouldn’t have a wide audience. Well, the situation is about to change, as the world’s largest premium automaker has launched a partnership with GoPro.

Any true sport junkie knows about or has used one of the widely popular Hero cameras, but also the tough built portable video system has been also the go to accessory to many car enthusiasts.

Now, although so far any owner could have strapped a GoPro camera to its car – whether or not it was a BMW – the German automaker has announced the “first-ever, mass-produced integration of a GoPro camera with an automobile’s onboard infotainment system.”

“GoPro is a natural fit for BMW enthusiast drivers,” said Phil Johnston, who leads BMW’s AppCenter USA. The partnership “brings new, safe, and engaging experiences to the enthusiasts that were previously not possible. When the camera is connected to the car, it allows GoPro’s app to present context-appropriate presets that allow the enthusiast to capture the perfect shot.”

That means that from now on, a Hero camera can be remotely integrated and operated by BMW’s iDrive system and a smartphone –and best of all, the functionality is also available to the Mini users. Any BMW or Mini from the 2012 model-year onward that has BMW Apps or Mini Connected can use the new feature, but he needs an Apple iPhone (for the moment, at least), the latest version of the GoPro app from the iTunes store and, of course, a WiFi enabled GoPro camera.


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