BMW planning new i5 model image

BMW is planning to develop yet another model for its new “i” brand, the so-called i5, which is expected to make its way onto the market over the following years.

The German based automaker BMW didn’t announce its plans officially about a new entry to the “i” brand and, in fact, the company didn’t even give the green lights for the newly unveiled i3 and i8, but it seems that yet another model will wear the “i” name in its badge. According to the guys at the, who are quoting a BMW official, the next “i” model to make its way onto the market will be the so-called i5.

According to our source, the new BMW i5 will slot between the i3 and i8 and it could either be an MPV or a mid-size four-door sedan, as rumors are saying. No matter what the BMW i5 will look like, one thing is for sure, the earliest when you can expect a market debut is 2015. In other related news, the future of the i3 Coupe and the i8 Spyder is currently uncertain, but the latter vehicle could get the green lights as it has received a huge positive reaction.