BMW planning Z2 Roadster image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to develop a new entry-level roadster, which will most likely hit the market as the Z2.

The future BMW Z2 will be one of the first models made by BMW or MINI to be based on the UKL1 platform and this means that the roadster will come with front-wheel drive and even a possible all-wheel drive version. The new architecture shared with MINI along with the front-wheel drive and smaller size will be translated into a cheaper final price which will probably be set at approximately 15, 000 GBP.

“We are considering a car in the spirit of the original Z3. It is of similar size to the E36/7 [the codename for the Z3 produced between 1996 and 2002] but is planned to use the front-wheel drive platform to keep costs down and achieve a margin level that ensures it is sustainable at comparatively low production volumes”, as an official within BMW has recently told Autocar.

The BMW Z2 Roadster will be an alternative to future buyers of the Mazda MX-5 and the model will be slotted under the current Z4 generation. Rumors are saying that it will get a limited range of petrol engines under its hood and the model should be more than 4,000 mm long, 1,700 mm wide and 1,250 mm tall. Additional details on the BMW Z2 are limited and will probably be announced over the following years.

Source: Autocar