BMW plans a new sub-brand for China, to be named Zhi Nuo image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to launch a new sub-brand in China, which will be known as Zhi Nuo.

With the financial crisis affecting more and more Europeans and Americans, the salvation for major automakers is coming all the way from Asia, China, to be more specific, a country which has already become the biggest market out there. BMW couldn’t stay aside from Chinese’s desire of new cars and, even with its vehicles already present on the market, the company wants to become one with its customers in the Asian country.

According to the Chinese automotive media, BMW will launch a new sub-brand in China, together with Brilliance, and the name of this new sub-brand will be Zhi Nuo, translated into The Promise. This name was already registered by BMW and the very first model to go on sale in China, under the new name, is expected to be based on the X1 or on the previous generation of the 3-Series, the E90. The official announcement of the new BMW and Brilliance sub-brand is expected to be made during the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, so the first vehicles might make their way onto the market later on this year.

Source: China Car Times