The German based automaker BMW has recently announced its plans to offer a highly economical vehicle in the near future.

If you have seen models like the Volkswagen XL1 and you know that they can burn just 1.0L / 100km of fuel, you will be surprised to find out that BMW is planning a new model which will put dust on the XL1. Its name is not confirmed at the time but according to the company, this will become the best fuel-efficient car on the planet. However, even if there will probably be a huge market for it, BMW will not be mass producing it anytime soon.

The upcoming model will be burning an average of just 0.4 liters of fuel every 100 km (588 mpg) and it will be able to reach a top speed of 180 km/h. The body will be made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the powertrain will most likely be a plug-in hybrid. It will also be a practical car considering the fact that its cargo capacity will stand at approximately 350 liters. Besides the impressive fuel consumption, this particular vehicle will also get to test some of the future technology which will be eventually implemented into production cars. The prototype can be driven on public roads and it is expected to give birth to an electric SUV and to the so-called i5. Additional details on it are limited at the time.

Source: BMWBlog


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