The new UKL1 MINI platform is also used to underpin new models from the BMW brand. Because of cost cutting, the German premium brand will also use it as a front-wheel drive platform, signaling a revolution at the maker’s bottom line.

The Mini models are all ready to be refreshed over the next few years, and the gradual rollout is mirrored by the parent company at the namesake brand with new models. The UKL1 platform is used as a cost cutting measure, meaning that all models underpinned will be fwd, as opposed to the traditional rwd setting BMW uses.

According to Auto Express, both brand have a total of six new models on the platform and all of them will have under the hood three-cylinder turbocharged engines. The first model BMW outs on the new platform is the already introduced 2 Series Active Tourer compact MPV. The model, which competes with Mercedes-Benz’s B Class will also have a seven-seat version, ready to be rolled out in 2015.

With the family segment taken care, BMW will move to support the lineup of SUVs and crossovers – an auto segment that continues to remain on the rise. Probably in 2016, the next-generation X1 (now with front-wheel drive) will be released, followed by a niche X2 coupe crossover offering. Then, in 2017, the UKL1 platform will underpin a new small BMW Z2 roadster, together with the next generation of the 1 Series hatchback.

Via AutoExpress



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