BMW plans to shrink Mini range image

The German automaker, the largest premium carmaker in the world has announced a strategy for its British Mini marquee that involves slashing the number of models in the lineup.

BMW has resurrected the iconic Mini brand, giving it a new lease of life after it reinvented the historic Mini hatchback into a retro-inspired XXI century car. After that the brand expanded rapidly and it looks like that move was not very inspired. Now the parent company wants to trim the extensive range in order to preserve the potential of the marquee – as it strives to position it ever so slightly near the premium segment. BMW will now cut down Mini’s lineup from seven core models to just five in the long term – looking to increase the brand’s appeal in a zone that has seen increased competition recently.

“Less is more, ” commented, BMW management board member Peter Schwarzenbauer – and also Mini’s boss. He declined to provide details as to what models would remain in the lineup and what cars might get the axe. According to Schwarzenbauer, while Mini has been faced with increased competition from both premium and mass-market rivals, strong demand led to double-digit sales increases during October, November and would go on through December, allowing Mini to reach a delivery level similar to 2013’s record 305,000 units.

Via Reuters