BMW plans Z4 replacement before 2020 image

A BMW Z4 replacement is planned before the end of the decade and it seems that the model in question will be wearing the Z5 moniker.

BMW’s answer to rear-wheel drive roadsters is the Z4 but since this has been in production since 2009, for the second generation, the need for a replacement is quite high and in between the development of “green” SUVs and front-wheel drive models, the company is taking into consideration such a vehicle. According to a recent report, the replacement for the BMW Z4 will be introduced by the end of the decade. The company will share the development costs with Toyota as part of the collaboration between the two.

The roadster is not high on the carmaker’s priorities list because the world’s largest car market, China, is not interested in such vehicles. The Z4 cannot be considered a huge success, considering the fact that only 5,300 units have been sold in Europe last year, down by 11 percent, and the United States has seen 2,150 new cars, 13 percent less. The replacement for the model will be named the Z5 and this should use a carbon fiber tub. A fixed roof coupe version is also in the books.

The BMW Z4’s second generation is getting a front-engine and a rear-wheel drive layout, taking its power from a choice of four units, connected to a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed automatic, a 7-speed automatic or an 8-speed ZF automatic. The model stands at 4,239 mm in length, 1,790 mm in width and 1,291 mm in height, with a curb weight of 1,470 kg.

Source: Automotive News Europe