After Mercedes unveiled its LCD instrument cluster on the S Class, Range Rover took the same path. Now Germany’s premium automaker BMW is preparing its own fully configurable LCD gauge cluster on the next-generation 5 Series and 7 Series models.

The new display, designed by BMW specialists from BMW’s Technology Office in Mountain View, CA will be able to display standard information’s like speedometer and tachometer as well as the fuel and temperature gauges but will be able to provide customized information’s – navigation, telematics outside/inside temperature and infotainment data depending on the driving mode.
According to some BMW engineers, the automaker doesn’t want to rely on digital representations of analog gauges. Instead, the automaker is looking at the display as a blank canvas with which it can display a variety of information in an innovative way.

The LCD screen will display information in a flexible way but BMW will keeping user-settings to a minimum.



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