BMW prepares rollout of plug-in hybrid lineup image

Just as the automaker presented the first public prototype of the plug-in hybrid 3-Series in Miramas, France, it looks like the German carmaker has great plans with this type of powertrain.

The largest luxury automaker in the world has taken its technical capabilities to the top when it comes to ecological consciousness – it started out with the extensive EfficientDynamics program that upgraded all of its gas and diesel engines. Then it started its own quest towards electrical motoring – investing billions of dollars into the “i” sub-brand. But jumping from traditional powertrains directly to fully electric cars is still a large leap – and a whole range of plug-in hybrid versions of its popular models should soon fill the gap.

The carmaker is preparing to meet the continuously tighter emissions regulations to be enforced in Europe from 2021 and than from 2025 – and it’s going to add plug-in versions of all of its core models, starting with the best-selling 3-Series sedan. Adding the electric motor and the possibility to top its battery pack from any socket is one of the requirements for carmaker to still be viable for residents of cities such as London – which has a low-emission area that aims to improve air quality. The plug-in hybrids have the advantage of being able to drive further electrically – they start with a full battery and can refill it anywhere there’s a socket, not just when driving or coasting.

Via Bloomberg