BMW prepares Z5 Roadster –to be influenced by the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept image

German newspaper Focus reports that BMW is working together with Toyota on a new vehicle, called Z5.

The news is not new somehow as the Germans already announced their cooperation with Toyota a year ago, but according to the same source; we now know that pretty soon we will get to see a concept co-developed vehicle which will serve as a preview for the rear-wheel drive Z5 Roadster.

Focus reports that BMW will be in charge with the design of the interior and exterior, engine and suspensions. Toyota will provide optional hybrid technology. Therefore the upcoming Z5 will come in two variants: a standard model and a hybrid variant. Unlike current plug-in hybrids, the electric motor in the BMW-Toyota sports car will be tuned for performance; it is expected to produce approx. 136hp.

On the same time, reports are saying that BMW will supply CFRP (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) in its construction. A coupe will follow.
Regarding Toyota’s model – most probably we are talking about the Supra model, so therefore we expect a coupe first.

Focus also reports that both models will start at 30,000 euro (30,000 to 50,000) and power output will range from 211 hp to over 360hp.

More information is expected to be released later this year – maybe some tips during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

images: M3i Sports Coupe by Alexander Imnadze