BMW Relies on New All Wheel-Version-Drive 3 Series to Surpass Mercedes image

BMW relies on a new all wheel-version-drive of its 3 series sedan to make the automaker beat the Mercedes which surpassed BMW in the US auto market.

The competition between BMW, Mercedes and Lexus in the US auto market is tougher than ever. The 5-year slump in Europe and the Chinese slowing economy have made the automakers fight to keep up the premium car sales in the US.

“North America is the only bright spot, and in the luxury race that’s shaping up to be really important,” said Michelle Krebs, an analyst with researcher “It’s vital for the German automakers because their home market of Europe is a mess.”

Since the redesign of its popular 3 Series, which BMW introduced in February, didn’t help the automaker surpass Mercedes, the company has a new plan. BMW is confident that a four-wheel drive version, which is so popular in New York and Boston, will help turn the situation in its profit. This year’s US sales increased 14% to 168,462 units through August, thanks to Mercedes’ updated C-Class compact sedan and new coupe version.

Currently Mercedes leads its competitor with more than 3,800 units, BMW managing to reach an increase of 5.6% to 164,636units over the same period. This year’s luxury-vehicle fight is as tight as it was in 2011, when BMW beat Mercedes by 2,715 deliveries.