BMW Relies on News Models to Keep Luxury Sales Crown in the US image

Although Mercedes was the one leading the US luxury sales race through April, BMW expects to regain the first spot by the end of the year.

BMW of North America CEO Ludwig Willisch said that the automaker relies on the three models which are to be introduced this year: a redesigned X5 crossover, 4-series coupe and the 3-Series GT crossover. In 2012 the automaker sold 9,000 X1 crossovers and sales started in September. This year, BMW plans to sell at least 18,000 X1 crossover vehicles and attract new customers.

Each BMW dealership will also have a new corporate identity standard to comply to, a new plan on how to go forward. Dealer were already shown the showrooms modules for the i3 and i8 models. The modules feature a light-colored wooden display, which covers an entire wall.

In the following three years the German automaker will add diesel engines to most of its US models, as the diesel offer a huge advantage in fuel economy compared with the gas engine, somewhere between 20% and 25%. Currently BMW tries to get 45 mpg on highway for the 328 diesel.

Part of its strategy to regain the first spot in the US, the automaker also aims at improving its customer service to become the no.1 in the CSI surveys also.

“We are in a constant process of training our dealers. We train with teams that train hotels — the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons. We clearly look at processes and also at the ratio between daily repair orders and loaners,” said Willisch.

Source: Autonews