BMW Reports Record Sales for 2012, Plans New Record for 2013 image

BWM reported record sales for 2012 and plans to achieve a new record this year.

“The past year has been the most successful year in the BMW Group’s corporate history, with new records achieved for sales volume, revenues, and Group earnings. We are aiming to achieve a further rise in unit sales in the current year and hence a new sales volume record,” said Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management of the BMW Group.

Although BMW remains cautious about this year’s results, it still aims to increase capacity. The German automaker will heavily invest in production network, new models and technologies, therefore the company sees a profit before tax at the same level with 2012. The automaker plans to introduce 25 new models by 2014, from which 10 being all-new vehicles. This year BMW will introduce 11 new models.

In 2012 sales of BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini were up 10.6% to 1,845,186 units from 1,668,982. The group’s profit increased 4.4% to £4.38 billion from £4.21 billion in 2011 and revenue was up 11.7% to £65.75 billion from £58.84 billion. BMW sold 1.5 million cars, thanks to its new 3, 5 and 6 Series and the X models, Rolls-Royce sold 3,575 units, up 1%, and Mini sold 301,526 units, up 5.8%.