The German automaker, the world’s largest in the luxury segment, has recently described its new business strategy during the group’s Annual Accounts Press Conference in Munich.

We’re not going to dive deep into the massive plan but we can highlight the business strategy also hints at the introduction of a “revolutionary new BMW i model that will raise premium individual mobility to previously unknown levels.” While feeling less than specific on the planning details, we got the confirmation that upcoming models will include a Mini plug-in hybrid and finally the much-awaited i8 Roadster, planned for 2018. The automaker also confirmed a previous report that called for additional i3 versions – though only one of them, featuring a bigger battery, has been officially tipped. By the way, while BMW is looking ready to focus on plug-in hybrid and electric cars, the company still believes other alternative powertrains will exist in the future – and continues to work on hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

And the combustion engine is scheduled to remain a core part of the brand, as it has a “major role for many years to come.” While we didn’t fret about the prospects of BMW turning all green, more importantly the company revealed some of its plans for the M Modes – as it wants to expand the M and M Performance ranges. The latter would be used for high volume segment in a bid to to capitalize on the “growth and earnings potential of the BMW M brand.”



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