BMW says its X4 crossover SUV would sell well in the US image

The X4 follows in the footsteps of the 2009 X6 crossover – which had big SUV dimensions, the interior space of a midsize hatchback but also sports car dynamic performances.

The German brand, currently the world’s biggest luxury automaker said back then the X6 fitted neatly into the “sports activity coupe” acronym – which they just invented (they also called all their normal SUVs “sports activity vehicles”), claiming to have inaugurated a new car niche.

The X6 was successful enough, because it attracted a certain type of buyer that aimed to position itself outside the acknowledged norm – and was also willing to put “practicality” very low on the priority list.

“We had so much success with the X6 that we thought it would make all the sense in the world once we had come out with the X3 to have a similar vehicle as the X6, now we have the X4,” sais BMW USA President Ludwig Willisch. “We’re very bullish about the car.”

Now, BMW decided to strike back in the niche with a smaller brethren – the X4. It’s powered by smaller, turbocharged engines with either four or six cylinders, offering enough performance (240 or 300 hp) but also decent mileage. The car again compromises on the interior space in the back, but the front passengers get enough room and many tech/luxurious amenities – like leather, touchpad operated entertainment system or Google navigation.

And, as the car is made in Spartanburg, South Carolina, it’s obvious the main market BMW targets is the US – China, the world’s largest auto market likes SUVs also – but they also put on accent on back room interior space.

Via Forbes