BMW says naturally aspirated engine isn’t dead yet image

The German based automaker BMW has no plans of withdrawing the naturally aspirated engine from production just yet and the announcement was made by the M CEO, Friedrich Nitschke.

According to the BMW M CEO, Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, who has recently spoken to the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, the naturally aspirated engine won’t be put aside just yet, even if the new generation of downsized and turbocharged units is providing more power, an improved fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, and this news will probably make the company’s fans happier.

“The naturally aspirated engine is not dead yet”, said Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the BMW M CEO, in his interview with Auto Motor und Sport magazine.

The German company’s official has also spoken about the new M division which, in the near future, might start producing hybrid or even electric high-performance models.

“There is of course the question of how far we can electrify the powertrain. We work closely with colleagues from BMW i and one thing is certain: a full electrification will not work for us because the components necessary for the performance would simply be too difficult”, said Dr. Friedrich Nitschke.

Besides these two subjects, the BMW M CEO has also spoken about the division’s future engines, which will become tri-turbo in the next five years.

“We are currently investigating this segment. However, there is no decision at the moment. Stay tuned and save some money in the next 5 years”, added the BMW official.