BMW seeks increased capacity in China image

The BMW Group has decided to raise its manufacturing presence in the world’s largest auto market. The company is planning to increase production output in the Asian country by around a third.

The German automaker, the biggest seller of luxury models in the world, mulls a strategy that would see its production capacity in China jump to 400,000 units in just two years. BMW last month announced it moved to extend its manufacturing deal with local partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings until 2028, aiming to also increase its local model portfolio from three to six.

“We are strengthening our focus on meeting the needs and aspirations of our Chinese customers,” Finance Chief Friedrich Eichiner said in Beijing.

Eichiner disclosed some details on the company’s plan. BMW would move to grow the local production capacity by adding a “high-functionality car” tailored specifically for Chinese families, slotted beneath the current 3-Series lineup. The Germans will also introduce a version of their best-selling X3 SUV.

At the moment, BMW and Brilliance – which have been working together since 2003 – build in China the X1 sport utility vehicle, and Chinese-designed long-wheelbase versions of its 3-series and 5-series models at two manufacturing facilities in Dadong and Tiexi.

Via Automotive News Europe