BMW seeks to improve image with electric i3, i8 soon to follow image

The German automaker has finally arrived in the plug-in electric game with the i3, and they have high hopes for it, as the CEO of BMW of North America is expecting the new model to drastically improve the company image.

Even though another premium carmaker has been keen on showing off every possible model as a hybrid version, BMW has not followed in the footsteps of Lexus even if that meant leaving an advantage on the US soil, which has high appetite for such eco friendly automobiles.

Instead, they slowly prepared to release their own vision on the matter (does anyone recall the hydrogen 7 Series?!), with the sub-brand and technical innovation and all. The result has been known for quite some time – i3 and i8, although even after i3 has been made official for quite some days we still marvel every time we read the press release. You know, a German engineer will remain one, regardless of nationality…

So, according to Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW of North America, the company is counting on the small city electric to greatly improve on the company’s image, “toward innovation and sustainability.” Talking to Automotive News and AutoblogGreen, Willisch also said demand will be high and “supply will be somewhat limited.” Better yet, he also disclosed the fact that i8 will soon follow (in weeks time) the start of the i3 US sales, programmed for early next year.

Via AutoblogGreen, Automotive News