BMW South Africa has received approval from the Chinese authorities to export vehicles in their country.

The China Quality Certification permit was offered to BMW’s Rosslyn manufacturing plant, allowing the company to export the new BMW 3 Series to China, after the centre confirmed that the facility’s quality management and production systems were in accordance with the world standard.

The Rosslyn plant, in which BMW invested around R2.2-billion between 2009 and 2012, reopened in March with the launch of the all-new BMW 3 Series. Currently the company’s sales in China are increasing with about 40% annually that is why the South African facility has a long way ahead to keep up with the booming demand in this market. Bodo Donauer, BMW SA’s Managing Director, declared that the company will increase annual production at this facility at 90,000 units.

“The China certification is a great vote of confidence in our plant and our people,” said Donauer. “Whilst our Chinese exports will start at a small level at first, the plan is for this market to ultimately make up around 10 percent of our total export volume. In 2012, we plan to export around 3900 units to China.”


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