BMW Spicup Convertible Coupe auctioned for 460k euros image

If you place BMW and Bertone in a dark room filled with romantic candles and don’t give them any condoms, nine months later a Spicup Convertibe Coupe would come to life, and considering the “flower-power” years when the vehicle was “born”, 1969, than you got a unique recipe of success.

The BMW Spicup Convertible Coupe was originally presented to the public in 1969 at the Geneva Auto Show and the unique vehicle was made, as we said earlier, in collaboration with Bertone. The Spicup Convertible Coupe has been kept in perfect condition and over the year has seen the interior of the BMW Museum.

The Spicup generated a huge interest when it was auctioned by the famous Bonham Auction House after it was presented at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance and even if most of you are certain that the vehicle is purely “show and tell”, we can assure you that it was made as a road going car.

The 1969 made BMW was owned by a Dutchman who decided to paint it orange, being unhappy with the car’s original green color, and by using it frequently, he added more than 100.000 km, setting a new world record: the only unique car that made the most kilometers.

The 2.5 liter six-cylinder powered BMW Spicup Convertible Coupe has been sold for 460.000 euros after it was brought back to life, painting it with the original color and revising its mechanical parts.