BMW starts in December the sales of the new X6 image

The German premium automaker, who started the move towards SUVs that actually lose the utility side in favor of the sporty nature, has just presented its second generation X6.

The X6, back in 2008 when it was launched, was even garnished with a new name – SAC – which equates to Sport Activity Coupe – which, at least, admits the fact that the utility side has been pushed to a deep and dark corner of the designer’s mind.

Nevertheless, the sloping roofline allure proved successful, so after some rivals also appeared, the BMW brand evolved the X6 into a second generation – which keeps the main elements and just about improves everywhere else.

While being just a tad bigger than the outgoing model, the coupe-styled X6 is now 4909 mm long, just 33 mm more than the older X6. So, not much has changed in terms of utility, although BMW contends the new model has a bigger luggage compartment, that can fit 75 liters more – reaching 1,525 liters when the back seats are folded.

More importantly, besides the fact that the car’s official public debut – which also hints to the targeted audience – will come this August, during the Moscow auto show, is the fact that BMW has already announced the car’s availability.

Starting with a German home market price of 66,150 euros, the X6 – initially available in a five-engine configuration, two gasoline V6 and V8 and three V6 diesel, with 254 to 443 hp – would be up for sale in Europe and the United States since December.

Via Automotive News Europe