BMW starts production of the new 3 Series in Munich image

BMW officially announced that production of the new 3 Series was started yesterday, at the Munich plant after a 500-milion euro investment.

BMW, the world largest premium automaker said that after three months of production of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, peak output of 680 units a day will be achieved. Total output at the plant will then exceed 900 vehicles per day.

For the production of the new BMW 3 Series, the old, low-rise body shop had to be demolished to make way for a completely new production building. The automaker has installed numerous new robots some of which had previously been operating at the Leipzig plant.

There is also a new foaming machine for firewall sound insulation. This feeds the sound-insulating material into the cavity, where it is foamed. The result is significantly improved sound insulation between the engine compartment and the passenger cell, making for a noticeable enhancement of interior comfort.

In addition, the Munich facility also encompasses a laboratory, a press shop, engine construction and toolmaking, as well as interior equipment and seat manufacturing.

To date, more than 8.5 million vehicles have been built at the Munich home plant.

The sixth generation of the 3 Series has grown in size compared to its predecessor. The 3 Series is BMW’s most important model, both in terms of numbers sold and as a flag carrier for the company’s reputation for quality, reliability and desirability.

The company has sold about 2.8 million 3-Series cars since the outgoing version premiered in March 2005, bringing the overall total sales of the model to over 12 million since the very first 3-Series hit markets in 1975.

The new entry level 316d sedan will have a price tag of €34,180 ex-works.

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