BMW Still Leading the Luxury Car Sales image

BMW increased the distance from Mercedes and Audi in Luxury-car sales, thanks to its X1 compact SUV and 3-Series sedan and wagon.

In November BMW’s sales reached 145, 452 units, up 26%, thanks to increased demand for the X1 compact SUV and 3-Series sedan and wagon. Audi’s sales increased 11% to 123,600 units and Mercedes 5.7% to 120,346 units. Despite the European crisis, German customers have maintained growth for the luxury-car makers, tapping China and the US. While BMW, Mercedes and Audi plan to reach record sales this year, the other automakers in Europe struggle to avoid the lowest sales in the region in 17 years.

“Our attractive product portfolio continues to be in strong demand right across the globe,” Ian Robertson, BMW’s sales chief, said in a statement. “We are building the vehicles people desire. This puts our record sales target for 2012 well within reach and we will once again be the number one premium car company worldwide.”

The market which pulls back Mercedes is China, were the automaker’s sales fell 6.6% in November and 4.2% for the year, while Audi and BMW have an advance of more than 25%. Last month BMW’s X SUV saw an increase of 37%, while the new generation 3-Series was up 36%.