BMW sues Saab Automobile Parts for unpaid engine parts worth €2.6 million image

Saab’s demise continues to make headlines, more than half a year after the Swedish automaker declared bankruptcy.

This time, BMW is suing Saab Automobile Parts AB claiming the former unit of Saab Automobile AB owes it €2.6 million plus interest. The sum consists of delivered BMW parts that were not paid for.

In 2010, BMW struck a deal to provide Saab with a four-cylinder gasoline engine for the next 9-3. According to the agreement, BMW had to supply Saab with an unspecified number of engines plus spare parts. As everybody know, the new 9-3 never made it into production due to financial problems followed by bankruptcy. The BMW engines were not shipped, but the parts were reportedly delivered and not paid for.

Although BMW made repeated requests to Saab to recover the money, the troubled automaker was unable to pay. Following Saab’s bankruptcy, BMW now claims that Saab Automobile Parts holds the financial responsibity. In its turn, Saab Automobile Parts says it does not owe BMW money.

“Saab Automobile Parts AB have not ordered or received any spare parts or components from BMW. Why would a spare part company order components for a car model that’s not yet in production?”, Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB was quoted as saying by Inside Line.