The current E63/E64 6 series was introduced for the first time in 2003. Now, we aspect that in the next one – two years BMW to come with something else, something new. What we have here, the BMW SX is a concept vehicle made by Iulian Bumbu, a graduate of the Transportation Design Course at the Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan.

The dimensions of the S.X Concept dictate that the vehicle would be wider and lower than the current car, with a longer wheelbase but slightly shorter overall length.

The exterior design of the BMW S.X Concept continues the flame-surfacing styling language of all current BMW’s, a trend pioneered by BMW’s former chief designer Chris Bangle. However whereas some BMW design elements could be described as awkward, the S.X does a good job at maintaining a sense of continuity throughout the bodywork. Some of the more unique styling features are the additional high mount brake lights which are incorporated into the edges of the rear window, and the lateral vents located just behind the front wheels provide a point of origin for the styling lines which break up the otherwise smooth shape of the doors.

Although the designer gave little information regarding the drivetrain as this is merely a styling exercise, the proportions suggests a mid-front engine layout, and like all BMW sports cars RWD.







  1. Germans are the best car-builder in the world,…..look at Horch, or Duesenberg in the past,…..look the concept cars from BMW,…..look at Mercedes, Maybach,…..unbelivable, thwy have great engineers and designers,… human beeings the germans have a lack of emotions,…..but they put it all in car-design, I guess !!!

  2. I like all cars of BMW it has some different style and power in that car. And now the BMW has introduced in S.X it will be surely made magic in automotive industry.


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