BMW teases the new 5 Series with Bond-inspired spy your car gadget image

The German automaker has kicked off the teasing game for the 2017 BMW 5 Series with a nice gimmick that depicts a new system that lets you keep an eye on your car – which could be the 540i version.

We’ve all been waiting for the all new 5 Series for quite some time – but the cat and mouse game is only now truly beginning. We’re fairly certain the all new 2017 5 Series will be among the stars of the Paris Motor Show in early October and for the time being the carmaker has decided to keep us enticed through a series of teasers. This latest episode shows how the 5 Series is brimming with new tech and one of the goodies is nicknamed ‘Remote View 3D’ – and what it does is to allow the owner to vie the car’s surroundings remotely via a smartphone app. With the teaser credentials, the car is actually blurred away so we’re not really seeing everything about the styling and only get a general bird’s eye view idea.

An educated guess would direct us towards the next-gen 5 Series being shown on the screen of this iPhone of the 540i denomination – which is slated to enter the range as a replacement for the older 535i. We already know the upcoming 5 Series G30 will go for an evolutionary approach in the sense of the 7 Series, but with added style, panache and overall quality. Before the new generation is official, expect an onslaught of teasers and maybe the classic leak that spoils the fun prior to the automaker’s official introduction.