BMW teases upcoming art cars – also ready for racing image

The German automaker is also culturally relevant in more ways than we imagine – though one of the most famous aesthetically pleasant depictions includes it famous collection of art cars.

Now, according to the company’s latest teasers, the said collection will grow by two more entries – thanks to a pair of bespoke M6 GT3 racers designed by Cao Fei and John Baldessari. Since we’re dealing with a serious company here, it’s not just fun without work, as the customized vehicles will be hitting the world’s circuits – one of them being set to compete at Daytona and the other in Asia. During Art Basel, the artists decided to showcase some of their ideas, though we were let know the designs are far from finished still.

BMW teases upcoming art cars – also ready for racing 1

First off we have Baldessari, an American pop artist, who already came up with a design study on a model car. His idea so far includes a white M6 GT3 treated to red and green dots on the front, yellow stripe on the hood, “Fast” written in bold on the sides and a blue rear wing with yellow end caps. “I figured my use of colored dots is kind of an iconic series, so I had to include that. I’m actually advertising myself,” he commented on the initial concept art. Baldessari‘s iteration will be celebrated in front of the public during Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida, on November 30, 2016 and will then hit the race track at the Rolex 24 at Daytona in January 2017.

BMW teases upcoming art cars – also ready for racing 5

Fei is a contemporary artist, famous in China, and she’s currently still working on the design. BMW says she included in her research visits to plants in Shenyang, Tiexi, and Munich. “The theme of this century is that we enter ‘a landscape of no man’s land’, e.g. autonomous cars and aircrafts and virtual reality. I expect to transcend the current context of ‘cars’ and to embrace new possible ways of expressions,” said the artist about her M6 GT3. The creation will premiere at a museum next summer and then hit Asia’s racetracks later on.