The German company is adopting the summer vibe with full seriousness, studying the potential use of fruit designs as a way to increase protection for its employees – and even for riders.

BMW, and its partners – a group of German companies and universities – have decided to again let themselves be inspired by nature, in this case more precisely by the pomelo, a large citrus fruit. This grapefruit-like citrus has a thick rind that delivers great impact protection when they fall off the tree. The companies are being inspired by its way of protection as part of the Bio-Inspired Safety Systems project. It’s not alone to enter the view of the scientists – with researchers also taking a good look at the scales of fish and alligators for their protective qualities.

After studying nature, the project has delivered new structures in foams and composite textiles – when applied to prototype safety equipment, like gloves and protective inserts, they became 20 percent lighter, tougher, and more stable than current materials – and you’ll also see some weird photos. BMW wants to first trial the new materials as new safety equipment for workers in its factories, with ideas to bring them to market as well, afterwards. With increased breathability and flexibility, they see applications in motorcycle gear – a prototype helmet offers the same protection but it’s lighter than regular models.

BMW thinks about fruits as protection 1


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