BMW to bring a concept car for 2016 CES image

At the Consumer Electronics Show next week, BMW is presenting the Vision Car concept, with a preview to the new AirTouch technology.

BMW has released a teaser image with its new concept, a car set to debut at the 2016 CES that starts on January 6. The Vision Car, packed with new technologies, is meant to demonstrate how the interior and the user interface of the future might look like. One example of such technology is provided by a new AirTouch interface, a further development of the gesture control system that debuted in the new generation BMW 7-Series. This feature empowers intuitive control of entertainment, navigation and communication functions using simple gestures made with the hand, AirTouch allowing the display to be accessed like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with it.

This new evolution of the system is helped by sensors that are able to record and respond to hand movements in the area between the central console and the interior mirror, thus allowing drivers or passengers to change the focus on the surface of the display. Simple confirmation selects the relevant menu item or activates an icon. Another way to confirm the action is by a concealed AirTouch button located on the steering wheel, which lights up when a menu or icon can be activated. One tap is sufficient to select the desired program or change a setting. The passenger also has a button with the same function positioned on the side sill in the door area.

BMW says the new intelligent AirTouch menu control reduces the number of steps needed to make a selection. For example, when activating the phone pad, the system automatically brings up contacts or call lists to the top select level so that a call can be made with just one further action.