BMW to end hybrid partnership with Daimler image

Trouble is brewing over the hybrid partnership between BMW and Daimler, according to a report from the Germany publication, Auto Motor & Sport.

The two car companies, which have been partners for the past several years, were bent on improving vehicle safety technology and have so far given rise to the two-mode hybrid.

A BMW spokesperson admits that there are ongoing talks with other carmakers that might yield a better solution for BMW. Daimler reportedly still wants the partnership to continue due to the cost savings it can deliver in the coming years as hybrids expand through the Mercedes-Benz lineup, including the S400 and ML450 hybrids.

The report says that Daimler’s plans to go fully electric are being laid fast so a problem with its hybrid operations may not be as damaging as first thought.

Nevertheless, electric drive has a long way to go and until it expands outside of the Smart lineup in Daimler’s plans, hybrid drive is the only way to satisfy the need for an environmentally friendly car that is a top performer as well.